Friday, September 12, 2014


Till the autumn tempests come to scatter the
    --So brief your thoughts of her.

                                  --from The Tale of Genji

So Brief Your Thoughts of Her

It is the time of the year
for our rituals: hanging up our coats, giving up smoking,

remarking on the fickleness of the sky. How strangely
we behaved. How often

we took for granted the
intricate signals sent from brain to mouth, the thoughts

forever tangled in our synaptic thickets. Sometimes, I
manage to think of you

perpetually dressed for
that first winter, telling me your name under the snow-

pregnant clouds. How wonderful your name, you lying
on the frost, lighting up

your menthol, pausing
between puffs to tell me this is your last one, you swear.

In Passing

When they buried her, they could not
understand it all: the aroma in that room
born from hot lead and lavender, the 
shrill cries of the newborn rising from 
the crib down the hall. Years afterward,
they maintained their habits: kissing her
framed photograph before leaving
the house, stacking the dishes after meals
in the same manner she had done.
When her birthdays came, they always
mentioned how beautiful she was,
how her hair was brighter than a
thousand suns.

About Andrew Mobbs:
Bio: Andrew Alexander Mobbs has been writing poetry for nearly a decade ​. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mongolia (2010-12)​ and then released his debut poetry collection, Strangers and Pilgrims (Six Gallery Press, 2013) ​. His work has also appeared in Deep South Magazine, New Plains Review, Ghost Ocean Magazine, Calliope, ​and others. ​He co-founded Nude Bruce Review, a nonprofit online literary magazine, in 2012.​ ​ Despite everything, his true passion is walking around aimlessly in his moccasins.

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