NOTE: As of 3/18/13 The Montucky Review will only reply to submissions that have been accepted for publication. If you do not receive a reply from us, your work has not been accepted. We will reply to all accepted pieces as quickly as possible. Please do not query as to whether or not your piece(s) have been accepted, we simply can't respond to every e-mail as our busy schedules do not allow it. Again, if your work is accepted, you will hear from us, usually in less than 12 weeks. Thanks for your understanding, and keep the subs coming!

Please read and follow our guidelines carefully. Failure to do so will result in submissions being deleted, unread.

~Read some work that's been accepted to get some idea of what the editor is looking for.
~We seek shorter, well crafted, free verse poetry.
~If you send Haiku or Senryu, it better knock our socks off.
~No epic poems, please. The editor has a very short attention span.
~Poetry: About 30 lines Max. As noted, our editor gets bored easily. Don't bore him.
~Prose/Very Short Fiction/Non-Fiction: 1,000 words max.

Submit 1-3 poems or 1 prose piece at a time. Please do not use any odd fonts. Times New Roman,Nyla, or Georgia 12 pt. black, please. Paste into the e-mail body only, we do not open attachments! If formatting is a concern, query before submitting and we can work something out.

Please include a brief, third person bio, including some prior publishing credits, if any. But not all of them because that's pretentious and boring...

If your work is accepted, we will respond with a publication date. This is usually the same day we reply. If your work is not accepted, wait a while and try again. On occasion, the editor will suggest minor changes to a piece he likes in order to ensure publication.

Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please withdraw yourself from consideration here if accepted elsewhere first. Previously published work is frowned upon, unless it's amazing stuff and hasn't been published anywhere for at least 1 year. Query first.

The editor reserves the right to edit spelling and grammar errors. He also reserves the right to edit your bio if it's sloppy and poorly written. A "third person" bio means just that.

We can't pay you, but this site gets a lot of traffic. Consider your payment in the form of A.) tons of exposure and, B.) pub cred to add to your portfolio.

Email submissions to:

Submissions are read in the order they are received. We will reply to accepted submissions as quickly as our busy schedules allow. *NOTE: We may take a bit longer to respond to fiction/non-fiction submissions.

We look forward to reading your work!