Wednesday, February 13, 2013


She was one piece
Hanging together like
The skeleton in the closet.

Each bone attached with hooks
Rattling at the least breeze
When the door opens.

Words clatter around in her skull
The marrow eaten away
Flesh is a remembrance.

Each line put together
With bits of bone.

About Cynthia Eddy:
Cynthia Eddy lives and writes on the eastern shore of Virginia.  The quiet village sustains her sense of neighborhood and belonging.  She holds a BA in Art History. She has been published in Third Wednesday, Eunoia Review, Epiphany Magazine, Zombie Poetry, Deep South Magazine, Forge Journal, the Black Lantern Press, River Poets Journal, Rising Tide Review, and in Emerge Literary Journal. Poetry creates a chord between reader and poet.  That chord remains long after the reading. Every poem reaches into the reader and brings forth an understanding, a moment of ‘I’ve been there’.

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