Sunday, January 6, 2013


and i wonder about all this talking
we do

we write these words in excavation

and bury our own hearing
who is really listening?

my son wants to know about the depths of ocean
and the expanse of water

                will there be enough?

and why didn't you have a dad?
he was just too mean

why is always the simplest answer

About Mikki Williams:
Michelle Williams is the author of Female (Alabaster and Mercury) and founder of Vocal INKorporated, an organization dedicated to the freedom of expression through poetry, music and art. She is the host of several poetry, art and performance events in the NW Ohio area, including Simply Poetry. She is the host of Vocality and Selections on BlogTalkRadio and also serves as the Ohio Senate Member for the international music and arts organization, Poetry Over Music. Michelle’s poetry and artwork has appeared in Bone Orchard Poetry, Knot Magazine, Red Fez, Calliope’s Closet and Poet’s Haven/Poetry for Change.

1 comment:

  1. Such captivating, striking brevity. What is said, as powerful as what is not. Why...when no more can or need be said. We dig deep but cannot nor should we feel the need for complete disclosure at all time. Not only what we know and feel forms us but so that which we hold close. Incredible work dear girl, congrats on inclusion here, well deserved.