Wednesday, October 12, 2011


He calls me late at night,
he’s drunk and I bet he’ll stay up
until that dirty sun makes its debut
over Tijuana,
puncturing the comfort in his line of sight

He tells me there’s something about me haunting him

He sloppily spills his remorse
onto the table
Slurring promises, drifting away -
coming back again, to say
“There’s just something about you”

He says I know it’s true,
he’s not the only one,
to have confessed this --

He says he doesn’t know what it is
Then, he contradicts himself,
stating that I deserve to know
what it is that makes them all love me so -

He says it was my eyes,
captivating, feline –
brimming in the color of envy

He over saturates the compliment
by saying he wants to be in me…
My silence folds him again
with regret,

If I would just go to Mexico,
he promises,
he’ll repay the debt.

About Lola Nation:
Lola Nation is a poet originally from Venice, California who is currently residing in Kansas City, Missouri. She writes short stories (Make it Short) and poetry (Insult to Injury Poetry) to keep her idle hands busy. She has had the honor of studying under the likes of Allen Ginsberg and Tom Robbins. She is a founding member of the Write the Future (WTF) a not-for-profit organization which hosts national poetry meetings, salons, publishes, and helps other writers network with one another. Her goal is to keep the writers on their meds. Her greatest accomplishment to date is breaking her leg at a poetry reading last October.

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