Thursday, August 4, 2011


I found you between the glowing
red O's of the Roosevelt Hotel.
Me standing shoulder to shoulder
with the wavering crowds, heads
bowed, mining for stardom within
the gold faces of embossed pentacles.

There was this memory, huddled
inside the crocus of those unspent bulbs:
That night when i held your face,

unhooked your hair and watched
the neon of Hollywood Blvd blink
inside the blue of a single opaline iris.

The tactual language of thumbs
against lips that rendered the howling
crowds into wayward mimes.

Now just these flushed hibiscus bulbs,
unspent and glowing above these sad souls,
panning concrete for the remains of the famous.
About Billy Burgos:

Billy Burgos is a 38 year old Poet/Illustrator from Los Angeles. He is a curator on staff at and host of  Blogtalk Radio's poetry show Word Ballast where he has interviewed such poets as Nikky Finney, Nikkey Giovanni and Thomas Sayers Ellis. Billy is also the co-editor of the poetry Broadsheet Sic 3. He has been featured at numerous venues around the L.A. area such as Beyond Baroque, The World Stage and The Cobalt Cafe. In 2009 Billy was chosen as an up-and-coming poet by the L.A. Poetry Festival. At present he is working on his first full length collection of poems titled Tellurian Dance.

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