Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Unwanted fruits hang in clusters
waiting for beaks to tear them off,
for fingers to touch them with hanging tongues.
It’s better to be naked as the tree beside;
Better to get ripped off the clothing of fruits;
The curse of neglect might end then and eyes
Will see the purity within.
Seeds will then be taken for gardens
And escalation will make the white shirts
Feel that their duty wasn’t enough
For the growth of once unwanted will
Press the red alert, to stop and make them realize
That power isn’t everlasting for a group
For one man or a party of penguins.
Heat prevails outside and suicide may be
The only solution when they see the ‘Unwanted’
Growing fruits of success, paving a way out
Of thorns and bullets;
They have ignited hearts and they don’t know to forgive
For once their brothers branded as unwanted
Were burnt alive and now 

Stop chatting with walls and listen
to the bold footsteps taking over
the silence of the jail.
Fear torment,
Fear the men in bottle green dresses;
Fearing them must be a custom here
or the peeling of skins like that of
an orange will expose your blood
to predators with no balm
to sit even and relax.
Hellish life is our sentence;
These friendly bars warn us
Of every word that we verbalize
And every step that we hear here.

About Dr. Sonnet Mondal: 
Sonnet Mondal is the author of six books of poetry including a poetry bestseller and is the pioneer of the 21 line fusion sonnet form of poetry. His works have been published in several International literary magazines and have been translated into Macedonian, Italian, Arabic,Hindi,Telugu and Bengali. He was awarded Poet Laureate from Bombadil Publishing in 2009, Doctor of Literature from United Writers' Association in 2010, Azsacra International Poetry award in 2011 and was inducted in the prestigious Significant Achievements Plaque in the museum of Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur. He has also been a featured poet at World Poetry Reading Series, Canada and Asian American Poetry project, U.S.A.At present he is the managing editor of The Enchanting Verses journal of poetry.

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