Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Nothing can make you see
our rightful place along the
edges of fields and roads
when we embrace without
price the slouching earth
or feed without pain the
silent grazers.

Nor force you to accept a
power beyond control or
the reach of seasons,
leaves green or red
or none at all, the living
elixir endlessly coursing
through us.

Nor help you finally to value
a different reserve of oil, one
double burning in both your
fragile air and your
fine lungs as you try to
torch us like every other
thing you hate.

About Rick Mitchell:
Rick Mitchell a lifelong resident of New York State; except for the four years he lived in Reno and attended the University of Nevada. Over the years, he has been fortunate enough to find a receptive audience among many editors of magazines across the country.  His poems have recently appeared in the Louisville Review, The Pittsburg Quarterly, Skylark and the Cimarron Review.  Chiron Review Press published Speaking of Seed and Night, his first book of poetry, and Aldrich Press published Before Every Other Fall in 2014.

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