Thursday, November 6, 2014


Principles of Design
by Howie Good

The suicide hotline rings
with infuriated doggedness.
It’s why I avoid lingering,

but even if I take a bus somewhere,
the sense of harmony
& resolution isn’t much.

Assistants with sturdy shears
must be sitting in the dark

blindly cutting clouds
in the shape of drowned continents
from plain white paper.

About Howie Good:

Howie Good's latest book of poetry is The Complete Absence of Twilight (2014) from MadHat Press. He has new collections forthcoming, including Fugitive Pieces (Right Hand Press) and Buddha & Co (Plain Wrap Press).

by Julie Shavin

To find fault, capsize on one flaw 
no matter how small
among goodness, or goodly intent
is human paradigm, 
crucifixion our daily bread.
One needn't multiply loaves 
to be summarily

About Julie Shavin:
A Kentucky native raised in Georgia, Julianza (Julie) Shavin, is a composer, writer, and visual artist who adopted the Rocky Mountains as home in 1993. Recipient of three Pikes Peak Arts Council grants, she was named 2011 PPAC Performance Poet of the Year; in 2012, Page Poet. She publishes often in literary magazines, and recently took 2nd place and two Honorable Mentions in the Mark Fisher Prize contest. This year she received three awards through the National Federation of State Poetry Societies. Her most recent book Of Mortality a Music was published by Dreamzion Press; her upcoming book is An Octave Above the Sea. Past-President of Poetry West (, she served as editor of the thirtieth anniversary issue of its literary magazine The Eleventh Muse. She currently collaborates with New York-based spoken word artist Hank Beukema (e.g.,, and is an animal-welfare advocate/activist working with rescue groups all around Colorado and elsewhere.

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  1. Thanks so much - didn't realize this had come out. HG is always excellent. Fun contest! Looking forward to reading whole issue.