Monday, November 24, 2014


I could see myself falling in love with a beat poet 

I do not cook us breakfast
or lunch

we order every option we hadn't heard of
and ask if there are any 
not listed on the menu
any nostalgia they've been wanting to fry
slice, boil

we wake up to indie music
sliding through the walls
the precursors to cool
kissing their way in our ears

he pierces his ears at Claire's
and I pretend he did it himself
in a back room
or bathroom

he whispers too often

and writes about my teeth
on a chain around his waist

The Tune of a Turning Point

My mind is a loom with a hacksaw in it,
and your highwired wrists don't know how to balance.
I think you write with your ankles,
and I think no one runs away to the circus anymore,
so let's adopt the only remaining freak show;
let's let them stare at our knit fingers.

About McPherson Newell:
McPherson Newell is a high school student attempting to sustain an obsession with poetry despite all amounts of homework that try to consume her time. Her work is forthcoming in the Eunoia Review.

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