Thursday, July 10, 2014


i laughed.

we made love
on the wooden floor,
our teeth knocking together.

my knees blossoming red,
your hands, your hands, your hands--

you told me you loved me.

you said,
          why should i not?

i’d heard this before.

cognitive dissonance is:
the ability to hold two opposing ideas in your head at the same time

you are:
your mouth
your words

(when you breathe you sound like two men breathing)

at one point you pulled me outside
the wind was blowing
and the ground was wet.

you said
look at the storm
look at the storm

look at the storm coming in.

About Lindsey Siferd:
Lindsey Siferd is a 2013 graduate of St. Mary's College of MD, where she now works as an admissions counselor. Her senior thesis was a collection of essays and poems about her family history, religion, and drug abuse. She had several poems published in her alma mater's literary magazine, Avatar.

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