Saturday, March 16, 2013


You may have wanted me
differently, the feline averting
of twin golden planets,
sloughing of cold
off a mare’s shoulder,

but I am the orphan with his fingers
in fresh-tread corn stalks,
jealous of what his toes know.

I am the sail with wrinkled folds,
stubbornly refusing to open
and sing but for one
specific wind, calling it
by its own name
among the thousands
by the paint on my cloth.

And you, Hepburn, are a stamp,
returned to sender,
then sent out again
to appease the gods
of electricity—

but a wary postal worker
spotted the previous ink
above your eyes.

About J.M. Hall:
J.M. Hall has had poetry published in numerous literary journals internationally including: Crucible, Lilliput Review and Chiron Review. Having graduated this August with a Ph.D. in philosophy from Vanderbilt University--with an area of specialization in aesthetics--Mr. Hall has already published philosophy articles in six professional, peer-reviewed journals including: Philosophy and Literature and Journal of Aesthetic Education. Mr. Hall also has eighteen years experience as a dancer, instructor and choreographer.

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