Friday, August 3, 2012


"Concerts aren't the same anymore,"
said the old timer
the row in front of me
"Nothing like the eighties
With stadiums
and lights and fire
and it didn't take an hour between sets..
I heard Heart sing this
Led Zeppelin song..
at Woodstock
and Nancy Wilson played it better than
Jimmy Page ever did.."
I didn't have the heart
to say
Nancy and Ann weren't on tour 
yet  in 69
but for the most part I agreed..
Today's rockers
are lazy
and no one was dancing in the aisles
and there were no lighters gleaming
but cell phones
flash instead.
Chris Cornell showed up an hour late
and Three Doors Down.
all the songs sounded the same..

About Diana Rose:
Diana Rose has been published in numerous online and printed journals and publications including The Musphobist: Volume One Issue 2  and other editions of Unadorned Press, Modus Operandi, Virgogray Press National Poetry Month Anthology 2010, Alabaster and Mercury Vol 1 Tree Killer Ink, The Nexxus from Free Penny Press, and many more. She has interviewed over 300 poets, editors, spoken word poets, and publishers on her shows on Blogtalkradio from 2008-2012: she is the host of "Inside the Poets Mind " produced by World Wide Word Network.. Her book of poetry "Where the Road Leads " is being edited by Iris Berry and A.Razor of Punk Hostage Press. 

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