Tuesday, May 22, 2012


you come to me
at the strangest times

not in my dreams or

listening to the blues on the parkway

but when i’m selecting a mango

I’ll never eat

or filling a sock drawer

there you’ll be
sitting across from me
in the provisional tealight
hair tousled
eating a bowl of homemade chili
grinning like forever
as though the thoughts of homemade chili
and loving a woman
had never occurred to you before

About Alicia Young:
Alicia Young is a poet, pacifist, mortician, actress, musician, medicine woman, mother of twins, and reveler who hails from Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail. She has been featured in, as well as contributed to American Funeral Director and American Cemetery Magazines, Take-It-To-The-Streets-Poetry’s publication The Nexxuss, and the Moronic Ox Literary & Cultural Journal, and has been previously featured in the Montucky Review. She is currently writing her first novel and assembling a book of poetry.


  1. Sometimes a poem smacks you in a way that embeds the author's name in your mind. For me the ease with which these lines flow will make me remember Alicia Young more, perhaps, than a different female mortician I dated eons ago. She claimed she was the only female mortician in Chicago at that time and I certainly believed her. The last time I saw her was the night Nixon was on the telly resigning after Watergate. I liked the mortician much better. She was honest to a fault.

    1. Mr. Mahoney, at that time, the only female funeral director in Chicago was my very good friend, Melissa Johnson, daughter of funeral service guru, Ed Johnson. You have fine taste in women if that is the case. Women now comprise more that 50% of the entire profession. Thank you for reading, your lovely comments, and for remembering my name. I'm happy you enjoyed the piece.