Monday, January 2, 2012



I am millet and mustard strength
Small faith, tossed into hard time
Seed thoughts scattered, left to grasp
At empty air.


Under earth's barrow
I press at packed earth,
Ready to dig
With both hands.

About Anna Husain:
Anna Husain's’s poetry has been published in Moon Journal, Tallgrass Writers Guild Black & White anthology, Cram, Arsenic Lobster, Poems From the Valley of Virginia, The Chicago Tribune, Wordslingers,, The Indian Diary and others. Former Managing Editor of Whetstone Journal, Former Asst. Editor of Barrington Courier Review’s ARTS & LETTERS/a Pioneer Press newspaper). An Illinois resident, Anna has devoted much of her time to teaching children about poetry; was judge/coordinator for BAAC’s Young Writer’s Project.

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