Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Kharola Pass

Prayer flags snap in a cutting wind
above, a glacier clamping the mountain

at a merchant cart of decorated yak skulls
a boy of six, cheeks chapped by altitude

a hanging gob of snot, no parka.
Our Jeep ignites a flame in his eyes

its promise of money, food
he grabs my sleeve

points finger to mouth
wolfs cookies, staring up

my heart thumping
his booger rattling

and I tissue it off
before he skips away.

The gleaming yak skulls leer
as Himalayan winds whistle

over the lunar landscape;
not a tree or a mother in sight.

Eating the Dead

If it’s not vultures
summoned by shamans

to tear the meat
atop Tibetan hills

or Aghori Sadhus
(those lovable kooks)

trawling the Ganges
for blue-bloated floaters

then it’s us, our various
holy Books, blood-spattered

breaded bodies of Christ.
By God, it’s Keith Richards

snorting our father’s ashes
off a picnic table, Amen.

About Lauren Tivey:

Lauren Tivey has been living in China for the past two years, where she works as an English Literature teacher in the American Program at a Chinese high school. She received a MFA in poetry from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and her work has appeared in Deuce Coupe,The Literary Burlesque, and Gutter Eloquence, among other publications. Her chapbook, The Breakdown Atlas, is due out in July of 2011 from Big Table Publishing Co. She lives for poetry, photography, travel, and adventure.

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