Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I light up another cigarette
a Menthol 100

and consider looking through
this stack of old zines.

The cat is asleep on top of them
and I don't want to wake her.

I pour another coffee
and ponder writing something

for somebody elses zine.
I sit alone in this chair

me, the cat
and a stack of old zines.

Old hip-hop playing
in the background

my thoughts come incomplete
and I wait

for what?
for my girlfriend to get home

for an old friend to call me back
for something

to come out of this pen
besides scratches of incomplete thoughts.

I do this a lot
scribble, scratch out

ponder what is happening
consider what I'll write

but life is 90% action
and unless I write

scribble, write
I'll have nothing to show

just this stack of old zines
and me

in a smoky apartment
pondering, considering.....waiting.

About Steven Purkey:
Steven Purkey resides in the Pacific Northwest where he divides his time between his zine, Modus Operandi and his band The Filthy Nightmares. He is currently between jobs, but is looking, so if ya got any leads let him know. Seriously, he needs a job.

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