Monday, November 28, 2011


Carolina heat sasses humid
at the sun, but the gators
aren’t impressed and fall asleep.

At night, cottonmouths gig
for bullfrogs, and Yazoo snappers
suck algae off water-logged
tree limbs. They bunk with bullheads
in bottom mud.

In the backwater, a thirsty bayou
sips itself, but never to excess. Pine
sap webs my fingers into gar fins,
and chirping tree frogs cover-tune
my whistle.

About Kevin Heaton:
Pushcart Prize nominee Kevin Heaton was born in Kansas, and now lives and writes in South Carolina. His fascination with history and love for the outdoors have led him on a journey to better understand life beyond the city limits. His work has appeared or is forthcoming  in 150 publications, including: Raleigh Review, Foundling Review, The Honey Land Review, and elimae. His fourth chapbook, Chronicles, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press in early 2012. He is a Best of the Net 2011 nominee.

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