Friday, November 4, 2011


wake trails silent, 
I draw the paddle deep

canoe thrusts forward
current and I strong, stronger than we look

I trust her infinite wisdom and let go of the control 

yellow warblers in the willows keep me company 
how shy we both are   

suspicious turtle pretends it's not there 
slips into the water quieter than thought itself 

I lay down upon the canoe ribs,
lulled by the gentle lapping of water
clouds slip by  in three d effect

it’s  awhile since I have  known such peace
cradled in water ~  perhaps before my birth  

About Paula D. Lietz:
Paula D. Lietz (pd lietz) is a published poet, artist, and photographer featured in many on-line articles around the world, in print, and on the covers of International magazines, the latest being Naugatuck River Review. Paula resides in rural Manitoba, Canada.


  1. Is this not just a stunning write! Beautiful, compelling. Wonderful!

  2. ........I have followed Pd Lietz various art work forms for a year. It's been an artistic adventure that never stops amazing me......the poetry, art, and photography plus her sense of humor makes it a wonderful trip which I always look forward too. While their are many artists there are few with her continueous talent and expression. You will want to follow her always.
    Rick Robotham DVM

  3. Thank you Natasha for kind words, an honour coming from you
    and Rick is it proper for me to say OMG!
    Thank you for your generous words, I simple am whom I am ~ glad you enjoy the ' trip .'

  4. Heather and Mark
    a wonderful journal
    great company of peers

  5. one of your best, paula. i envision your river as i read this..