Thursday, November 17, 2011


it’s hard to argue with
a felony warrant
or a nickel-plated revolver
to the head.

if we hurry

we can make
the matinee.

meet me at

the gas station
just down the street from your church.
I’ll bring liquor
if you’ll steal some pills
from your mom.

wear that skirt,

the one I bought you
in Poughkeepsie.
I’ve always liked
the way you move in that skirt.

I’ve got a bad, bad feeling

about that car
we just passed
but you,
you are beautiful
when you lie.

About yossarian:
yossarian (note: lack of capitalization is intentional & desired) was last seen cavorting with the wildlife somewhere in the backwash of Fennario, which is rumored to be near northeastern Mississippi.  He is to be considered armed & dangerous, but generally docile when approached with offerings of Pabst Blue Ribbon.  His somewhat menacing visage can be found on post office walls & rap sheets across the mid-South.

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