Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Inspiration is like a toad:  It sits
like the proverbial lump on a log for hours
or days, with nary a peep until it croaks
a deep, bellowing, resounding note.

It draws me to it like a long-forgotten
lover, but when I come within reach
and stretch my fingers out, it jumps
away in one gigantic bound.

I pursue it, running, jumping, skipping,
rushing, grabbing, trying to catch
the elusive little toad that sings
a croaking song of striking beauty.

Someday I will catch it,
cradle it in my palm,
caress it's rough skin,
and it will pee on me.

About Robert P. Hansen:
Mr. Hansen currently teaches philosophy and ethics at a community college.  He has had several poems and short stories published.

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