Monday, August 8, 2011


Bad day for buzzards.
I can tell by the way they sit
in separate trees, on different billboards,
breathing the death-empty air. Not concerned
with any other kind of peace, black
with patience, they know the sky
is the wrong place to expect
to be heard. For now,
they circle inside themselves,
used to the half-prayer, half-
answer world—resting
in the mathematics of this life
and the next.

About George Bishop:
George Bishop’s work is currently featured in Pirene’s Fountain. Forthcoming work will appear in Temenos and Border Crossings. His e-chapbook “The Perfect Dust” is currently published at Victorian Violet Press and his current chapbook “Marriage Vows and Other Lies was published at Flutter Press in 2010. Raised on the Jersey Shore, Bishop now lives and writes in Central Florida.

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