Tuesday, July 19, 2011


twistimony (twis' - ti - MO - NE) n, pl. -nies. 1. Law. term for a testimony not considered credible: his twistimony was tossed out 2. statements showing the witness is just full of it 3. words intended to wipe your ass with their lies 4. Tonguing with langafib firmly stating liedrat. Gk. twistmyarmmos Orig. Florida  v. Theodore Robert Bundy; later proven by F. Lee Bailey after third-degreeing Mark Furman in the O.J. Simpson trial -Syn. 1. contradiction 2. twistershit

Thesaurus entry: twistimony
Part of speech: noun
Definition: A statement that is full of crap, as in a court of law
Synonyms: falsehood, embellishment, langafib, twistershit
Antonyms: affirmation, truesaie

Note: a twistiment is a legal documentation of a person's falsehoods when lying through his teeth. It is used to document that a lying S.O.B. on the stand is twistershitting his ass off, and states that their words are a twistimony, which can then be thrown out. It is admissible in a court of law as evidence by either the prosecution or defense or bystanders that are sick of listening to the asshole. 

About Pam Crouse:
Pam Crouse is 64 years old. She's had several free verse poems published in Twisted Dreams Magazine, as the dark side beckons. Sometimes a bit of humorous sarcasm is called for, as in her spoof on the word "testimony".

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