Friday, July 29, 2011


The sky was cracked by two white lines
pursuing a jet.  On either side
of the parallel streaks, a deep
blue horizon met with eternity
and held a brisk conversation.

The sky was cracked by the soundless
sound of peace and tranquility.
The jet plodded forward, slowly,
ever so slowly, evading its pursuers
with the diligence of immortality.

The sky was cracked by the distant
rumble of a sonic boom pursuing
itself like a snake eating its own tail.
Its pursuit is pointless: the jet
creeping through the sky is faster.

The sky was cracked, but it would heal.
The jet escapes the great expanse
of the sky’s cradle and lands, softly
on the unforgiving concrete runway, and
the pursuit ends.  The sky remains behind.

About Robert P. Hansen:
Robert P. Hansen currently teaches philosophy and ethics at a community college.  He has had several poems and short stories published.

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