Friday, July 1, 2011

pm bus stop

urban wildfire smiles.

her dark hair dances
like a mad tangle
of snakes.
an alley dog
a hunk
of undefined
black meat.

he whines,
and it sounds
like a metal
burning down.

has seeped
into us

About R.G. Johnson:
R.G. Johnson lives in the Piney Woods of Texas. He grows his own food, cuts his own hair and writes his own poetry. He is nothing but trouble. Most good folks try to stay away from this social misfit. Rumor has it that he once made love to a rattlesnake. His writing has been published in many magazines and journals (web & print) including Clockwise Cat, Black-Listed Magazine, Paradigm Journal, Literary Burlesque, Red Boot, Poetry Monthly International, Gutter Eloquence, Exercise Bowler, New Wave Vomit, Opium Poetry 2.0, An Electric Tragedy, Aberrant Journal, U Magazine, I,S&T, Burning Houses, Negative Suck, Mad Swirl, Weirdyear, Medulla Journal and Ten Pages Press (e~chapbook: Come to my Room).

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