Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who Called Himself Black Sheep

If we bought a headstone
for Uncle Jean, it would not be
a polished marble monument
revealing his life on earth
as son or brother;
nor would it be a bronze
celebration of his
fight for old men’s causes.
If there were a grave marker
for Uncle Jean, it would be quilted
a bed of flowers and onions
a tribute from his nieces
to pieces of life he let go.
“Girls,” he would say on his way
out the door to somewhere else,
“What d’ya think?”

About Maggie Koger:
Maggie Koger grew up in Idaho where she studies the universe and writes to bring a sense of wonder to the earth-bound. She spent a lot of her life teaching writing to students whose voices echo in her lines.  Her poetry has appeared in Slackwater Review , Idaho Heritage, Poet Lore, Mused, and Avocet.

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