Wednesday, June 22, 2011

*A Note From The Editor*

There are many challenges faced by editors and publishers when choosing pieces for their particular publication. At times, a conflict of interest may arise, and cries of favoritism may be heard above the din of submissions when an editor chooses to publish the work of someone on his or her own editorial staff. The fact is, sometimes a poem is just so good that all the rules must be abandoned. Good poetry must be made available to the masses. Such is the case with the following, a poem written by my Associate Poetry Editor, Heather Brager. It is too good not to publish. If it was all this good, my job would be easy...


I wash my hands three times
wondering if they're clean
and pause twice,
smelling the soap

I ask myself if I washed them

I look out the back window
at mallard ducks in a pair

the male struts in his green iridescence

and I wonder
if their gender issues
affect their young this way

I forget

the conference this morning
turn right on red
leave the garage door wide open
my purse in the car

and my coffee is still
on the kitchen counter

I read somewhere once
that mallard ducks
mate for life

© april 2011 heather brager

1 comment:

  1. This poem made me pause and ponder, and I am richer for it.