Thursday, June 16, 2011


the edge engraved, swiftly

a clean pale canvas
scenery, the glint and
warm silken crimson

quietly diffusing, elegant

dark water, a cautious glow
receding steadily
at dusk

© june 2011 heather brager

About Heather Brager:
Heather Brager is a professional multi-tasker, mother, lover and life-long procrastinator. While she collaborates and co-habitates with writer A.g. Synclair in southwestern Montana, she drinks copious quantities of Americanos, and gin and diet tonics with a twist. She is rather fond of music, snarkiness, food, art and words, and arranges her perspective on life into the occasional poem or drawing. She's been published in a variety of online and print publications, including ETC with the Journal of Semantics, Deep Tissue Magazine, Red Fez, A Handful of Stones, Mad Swirl, Three Line Poetry, Unlikely Stories and Heroin Love Stories. Heather likes people who don't take themselves too seriously because, well, that's annoying.

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