Friday, June 17, 2011


Swivel in grey...
Beneath the thumb of depression
And tip of apathy
Cows crashing on a drip-dried moon-
That steals ink blotched dreams and
Reflects candy-cane eyes...
Who knew melancholy came in red
And stars in black,
And that some Robins can’t sing...
The lonely dissolving into the corners of eyes,
Under broken shadows,
Huddling around cinders stolen from campfire lullabies
With hands that weren’t made to touch
Better to spiral for spiral’s sake
On the bottom step
Of a liquid ladder,
With a smile made of paint and rocks,
Held together with fraying tape,
As the waves crumble to the sound of silence
Just keep spinning
On a perch made of sand,
Shells pressed to reluctant ears
(words are overrated)
As the water breaks precious frame
And dowses the world in grey....
For it’s only the smartest bird
That saves its voice,
And pierces itself on the sharpest thorn,
To sing the loudest...
Even if for just one song

and a synesthetic piece -

About Sam Thomas:
Sam Thomas is a writer from the UK, who writes mainly abstract and surreal poetry, citing Sylvia Plath, Jack Kerouac and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, amongst others as inspirations. 
He writes about the world he sees, from the shadows to the lights, and has various styles, themes and interests.
He has been published a couple of times, but can mostly be found on online poetry websites.

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