Sunday, June 19, 2011

FACEBOOK AGAIN (thanks a lot Mark Z.)

I’m a little older, not all that comfortable
with the whole Facebook concept, although
I have linked-up with some old friends
from high school and that has been fun:
Steve from the History Club,
Donald from Drama,
Tony from the Gymnastics Team.
But then (things always have to get complicated)
I managed to reconnect with my first
real girlfriend, the one before the girl I married.
I did ask my wife, of course, before reconnecting with her,
if she was ok with it. Very common
for this sort of thing, this natural curiosity,
to lead to marital issues, you see it in the news
all the time. But she said, “Yes of course, no problem.”
But now after only a handful of exchanges
she’s getting nervous, and has asked me to stop
any “in-depth” sort of correspondence with her.
(Seems she’s been checking
my stupid Facebook page ten times a day.)
So now, oddly enough, I feel as if I’m breaking up
with my first girlfriend all over again.
(Not that I broke up with her the first time, mind you,
she dumped me actually.)
But, well, what choice do I have really.
I can’t have my wife being wary and worried,
checking my stupid Facebook page ten times a day.
“Yes of course, no problem” my ass.

About Michael Estabrook:
Michael Estabrook is a baby boomer who began getting his poetry published in the late 1980s. Over the years he has published 15 poetry chapbooks, his most recent entitled “When the Muse Speaks.” Other interests include art, music, theatre, opera, and his wife who just happens to be the most beautiful woman he has ever known.

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