The Montucky Review is a web based poetry publication. Founded in the Summer of 2011 in Bozeman, Montana, TMR seeks well crafted wordplay from both established and novice writers alike. This is not a vanity project; The Montucky Review will not publish everything that comes our way. In fact, we publish about 10% of all submissions received. We just want good writing. People we like include Neeli Cherkovski, Billy Collins, Bukowski, Kim Addonizio, Hugh Fox, Jack Micheline, Robert Creeley, Jim Harrison, Margaret Atwood, and many of the well known poets that regularly publish across the interwebs. You know who they are. If you don't, surf a bit. We read and publish on a rolling basis and will publish daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the number of and quality of submissions we receive.

We hope to do an annual or semi-annual print edition featuring the best of the best. Stay tuned.


Quite simply; shorter, well written free verse and prose that moves us in some way. If you are proud of it, send it. If you're not quite sure, polish it up to a nice sparkle, then send it along. 

We will consider very short works of fiction and non-fiction writing as well.


We do not want rhyming poetry. Ever. And when I say, EVER, I mean...EVER. When you hear "NO RHYMING POETRY, EVER!" think of Faye Dunaway as Mommie Dearest, you know, "no wire hangers", Yeah, like that. If you submit rhyme, I can pretty much guarantee that it will not be accepted, unless you can actually make it work. And let's be honest...you can't. Trust me, you can't.

No greeting card/light verse. No moon/spoon/June poetry about your dead dog or ex-girlfriend. If your writing would make a Hallmark Card vomit, send it to Poetry.com, not us. If your 4-year-old really digs it, stick it on the fridge, but don't send it here. If you send a love poem, give it a sharp edge and be free of cliche. We like love poems, just make them not suck.

We are not fond of religious/preachy poetry, or anything that promotes racism, misogyny, or anti-gay sentiment. We want edge, and we like dark and dirty, but we also appreciate language. You can be dark, dirty, and edgy, but don't forget the intelligence.The absence of intelligence makes us cranky. Don't make us cranky, we know people..